Safe to Talk – sexual harm helpline. Call 0800 044 334, text 4334 or email Chat to counsellors online or find out more at Safe To Talk(external link) Rape Crisis Centres – call 0800 88 3300 for contact details of your local centre. Provides support for survivors of sexual abuse, their families, friends and whānau Find out moreContinue Reading Sexual harm comes in lots of different forms When someone has a sexual experience they don’t want, or are forced into any kind of sexual act by another person, they’ve experienced sexual harm. Sexual harm can happen in lots of different ways: It might involve physical contact or itContinue Reading Young people, aged between 13-19, were most frequently in contact with the service, followed by 40-44 year-olds. Calling the service was the most popular option, followed by web chat. Safe to Talk is operated by Homecare Medical, which runs the National Telehealth Service. The helpline is open to allContinue Reading