Russian propaganda outlet Sputnik mocks US ‘Tranny troops’ — PinkNews (@PinkNews) January 3, 2018 Russian state media outlet Sputnik News has mocked transgender troops in the US. The US is set to start accepting transgender recruits into its armed forces this week, after the Trump administration lost a courtContinue Reading Of the Feb. 14, 2017, meeting, when Trump said he hoped Comey could see his way to “letting Flynn go,” Trump said: “He said I said ‘hope’ — ‘I hope you can treat Flynn good’ or something like that. I didn’t say anything. But even if he did —Continue Reading Russia is very close to its millionth registered HIV infection; 986,657 people have been registered as infected. Most experts believe that only half of all HIV cases are diagnosed and registered, meaning Russia now probably has two million inhabitants living with HIV. That is a staggering number, particularly forContinue Reading But in Russia’s consensual autocracy, the government is careful to only advance initiatives which it is sure will meet with popular approval. Nor is Russian society in the grip of especially conservative sexual mores — premarital sex, adultery and prostitution are as much a fact of daily life asContinue Reading