But it did not quell the assumption that only gay men and people who’d undergone blood transfusions were at risk of contracting the disease. Ashe was compelled to reveal his condition in 1992 after learning that a newspaper planned to publish a story about his battle with AIDS, whichContinue Reading,,20915667,00.html And yet it was Hudson’s acknowledgement in 1985 that he had AIDS that was a turning point for the world to finally pay attention to those who were dying from the disease. Thirty years later, in this week’s issue of PEOPLE, those close to the star reveal new detailsContinue Reading Hudson’s revelation had an immediate impact on the visibility of AIDS, and on the funding of medical research related to the disease. Among activists who were seeking to de-stigmatize AIDS and its victims, Hudson’s revelation of his own infection with the disease was viewed as an event that couldContinue Reading