In the United States, psychoanalysis has evolved under the influence of a number of characteristic American attitudes including a tendency towards optimism, and the philosophy of American egalitarianism. Another important factor is that many of today’s leading analysts came of age during the cultural revolution in the 1960’s —Continue Reading Not surprisingly, most people found ghosting to be an unacceptable way to end a relationship. However, how acceptable people found it to be depended on the type of relationship. In the first study, 28 percent of respondents felt it was acceptable to ghost after just one date, whereas onlyContinue Reading Care is another hallmark of healthy intimate relationships. There is a considerable amount of care each partner places in the other, and this differs from the care that one would typically display to another, non-intimate person. Intimate partners thus show concern for each other’s well being, comfort in timesContinue Reading

Rejection has a ‘direct and fast’ influence on what we desire in a romantic partner, study finds — (@PsyPost) August 3, 2017 “All of this suggests that the feedback we receive within the dating world regarding how desirable we are as a potential partner has a direct andContinue Reading

RT @ItsNotOK_NZ: There is conflict in every relationship. 5 tips to help resolve conflict in your relationship. – MSD Govt NZ (@msdgovtnz) September 13, 2015 Set Boundaries. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect – even during an argument. If your partner curses at you, calls you names orContinue Reading