Psychotherapists have ready-made solutions for all of life’s problems.What is important in establishing the therapist-client alliance is not what the therapist thinks is important to bring about change but what the client thinks is important. A good therapist tailors treatment sessions around the needs of clients instead of pluggingContinue Reading Dr. Corine Samwel decided five years ago to take her clinical psychology practice out to the pasture. She now specializes in equine psychotherapy and is certified with the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. She is one of the only equine therapists in Tallahassee. Samwel has two horses onContinue Reading Therapists tend to keep their personal information personal for these reasons, and most of the time that works just fine. But sometimes clients find this awkward and uncomfortable, and the Internet provides a quick and simple way to find out more about them. Depending on the therapist, there couldContinue Reading Social predators live by taking advantage of others. They come in all varieties, shapes, and forms, from every level of society. Some live lawlessly on the streets, mugging people or worse. Others have respectable jobs where they transact mayhem. They see themselves as unrestrained by rules or laws. MoralsContinue Reading

Could it be that people, jubilant and feeling good about themselves after weeks of therapy, are just more positive about everything in their life, nudging their positive personality scores higher? It’s possible, but not all personality traits saw the same effect. Any change in openness to experience wasn’t reliable acrossContinue Reading So, to use the swimming metaphor, some people need an approach that helps them face and work with the fact that, at least in part, they don’t want to learn to swim. They may be frightened of moving forward or do not want to do the hard work itContinue Reading Chemical psychotherapy is what we usually call psychiatric drugs. They also change the brain, but not back to normal. They create an artificial third state that is neither normal nor the diseased state the patient came from. This creates many problems. Above all, it is a dead end, becauseContinue Reading PR company – similar to AMF Media Group – is so committed to its clients, it has introduced a psychotherapy service to its offering. Quite Great, which is strong in the music sector, has formed a partnership with psychotherapist Helen Brice to help musicians overcome the day to dayContinue Reading

Choosing A Psychotherapist? Avoid These 5 Red Flags 1. Distracted. If a therapist seems more interested in watching the clock or reading his emails during your session, get outta there. And fast. I’ve heard about therapists who actually answer their phones when meeting with clients. A friend of mineContinue Reading