“Sex work was decriminalised to improve occupational safety and health of sex workers and ensure they had access to such things to come forward when terrible situations occurred. “[But] one law change can’t change the fact we do have very violent people in society.” Bullman, who was working theContinue Reading Daulatdia is the name of a village in Rajbari District, Bangladesh which is the largest brothel in Bangladesh,[1] and has been called one of the largest brothels in the world.[2][3] It is one of 20 officially sanctioned brothels in the country opening around 1988, although it was unofficially inContinue Reading Today, as it was before the change in law, sex work is widespread, and mostly occurs in a low-key way in minor towns and in every major city throughout New Zealand. Yet the industry has not grown in the last ten years. It’s not obvious that the sex tradeContinue Reading