00:13:00 – During this walk-and-talk in the park and stay with Epstein, young girls were spotted coming and going from Epstein’s mansion. Andrew said, while shaking his head, that he wasn’t party to all that, a deception. 00:14:00 – He denies an allegation by John Brockman that he was receivingContinue Reading

Jeffrey Epstein

Federal prosecutors in New York formally request through the British government to speak with Prince Andrew as part of their criminal investigation into Jeffrey Epstein's history of sexual abuse. https://t.co/YncBITKYZw — NBC News (@NBCNews) June 8, 2020 “Contrary to Prince Andrew’s very public offer to cooperate with our investigation intoContinue Reading

Perhaps if the prosecutor offered to meet him at Pizza Express in Woking he'd be more forthcoming. He should be compelled by law if not morality. https://t.co/Iqp4DYA51u — Jess Phillips MP (@jessphillips) March 10, 2020 Prince Andrew hires Pinochet lawyer as FBI pursues probe into royal's links with paedophile EpsteinContinue Reading