black crt tv showing gray screen Conclusion: The porn-bashers are mistaken. Two men in 1,000 may watch for more than two hours at a time, but for 99.8 percent of men, porn is not some black hole that sucks them into oblivion. It’s more like a coffee break, a little time-out from daily responsibilities—and noContinue Reading

Previous studies have presented mixed findings when it comes to the relationship between religion and pornography use. Overall, religiosity has been associated with both an increase and a decrease in problematic pornography viewing. Researchers Borgogna and colleagues propose that this discrepancy in findings might be explained by the interfering effectsContinue Reading Adolescents’ exposure to internet pornography and its negative effects on healthy sexual development have been extensively investigated. However, little research has addressed the identification of protective factors that can buffer these negative effects. Based on the conceptualisation of a stress-buffering model of social support, this study empirically tested whetherContinue Reading