35 real photos that highlight the "sham" of perfect parenting: https://t.co/N20JlGo2dq pic.twitter.com/X7hwbwri2K — HuffPost Parents (@HuffPostParents) July 30, 2017 A group of artists and moms are exposing the messy reality of parenting for all to see. Erika Roa, Lacey Monroe and Natasha Kelly are the founders of “Sham of theContinue Reading

http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/jun/21/kim-haughton-sexual-abuse-ireland-catholic-church-photographs For Dave Dineen, the childhood experience of being abused physically by his mother and sexually by his brother in a council house in Ballyphehane, Cork, informs the work he now does as founder of the Lámh Healing foundation. The group helps others come to terms with the often devastatingContinue Reading