School phobia (fo-b-uh) is when your child is very nervous and refuses to go to school. It is also called school avoidance (uh-voy-dunts). A phobia is a strong fear of something for no obvious reason. Phobias can cause very bad anxiety or panic attacks. School phobias are common whenContinue Reading You keep meeting people who would objectively seem to rise to your high standards and criteria for being a good partner. But once you get involved with them, you realize that your partner has many irritating qualities, is highly demanding of your time and affection, and is increasingly criticalContinue Reading

Do you have Arachnophobia? The 10 most common phobias: by @AboutPsychology — (@aboutdotcom) October 29, 2014 1. Arachnophobia 2. Ophidiophobia 3. Acrophobia 4. Agoraphobia 5. Cynophobia 6. Astraphobia 7. Trypanophobia 8. Social Phobias 9. Pteromerhanophobia 10. Mysophobia Related articles What Are Your Fears and Phobias? Your 10Continue Reading