Ellis’ long-time lawyer Robert Harrison walked into the Supreme Court on Thursday, fighting to clear his clients’ name even after his death. “If the matter stops now there will always be that question lingering whether Mr Ellis would have been successful,” Ellis’ counsel Natalie Coates said. Ellis was convictedContinue Reading Ellis has always maintained his innocence, and in the book A City Possessed, the allegations, gender politics at the time, and the law were put under scrutiny. “The family are immensely proud of Peter and the dignified way he lived his life and wish to thank everyone for theirContinue Reading Convicted child sex offender Peter Ellis has been granted leave to take his nearly 30-year fight to clear his name to the Supreme Court. Ellis, 61, served seven years of a 10 year jail sentence for abusing seven children at the Christchurch Civic Childcare Centre in 1991. He hadContinue Reading