Check out @PsychCentral’s Tweet: Parenting is unreliable, inconsistent, and unpredictable. There never is a sense of safety and consistency, allowing children to thrive. The majority suffer emotional, if not physical abuse, and thus carry issues of trust and anger about their past, sometimes directed at the sober parent, asContinue Reading

Parenting practices play a central role in the development of narcissism, study finds — (@PsyPost) April 21, 2017 One of the first theories that links parenting to narcissism is based on the idea that hostility, disproportionate criticism and a lack of warmth in parents leads children to feelContinue Reading Lifewise runs six-week parenting courses regularly throughout the year. These are open to any parent looking for practical tips and parenting inspiration. To book, or register your interest, please complete our booking form and Sharon from our family support team will be in touch with you. The Toolbox coursesContinue Reading