New Zealand Herald: Psychologist: Kiwis ‘triggered’ to get help by Michael Jackson doco Leaving Neverland. A New Zealand psychologist says there’s been a marked increase in the number of patients seeking help following the airing of controversial sexual abuse documentary Leaving Neverland. The two-part documentary aired in New ZealandContinue Reading “I went to Bosnia in 1995. When I got home I was a veteran. I was younger than my grandfather was when he returned from World War II. “The perception that a veteran is someone old is incorrect.” Mr Compain said older vets suffered physical injuries but these days,Continue Reading

When considering the minimum period he must serve behind bars, the judge said “age, immaturity is undoubtedly a matter that I must seriously consider.” He said people that age had the capacity to be rehabilitated. Crown prosecutor Andrew McRae said Kelekolio had shown “very little remorse”. He said his guiltyContinue Reading