At the age of ten, Christian had a near catastrophic bicycle accident. He went flying off the bike, and landed with a lacerated face and a head injury. He was left with permanent facial scars. But the accident may well have been divinely inspired. Christian came home from theContinue Reading In spite of the image we like to portray to the world, New Zealand is as racist as the South of the United States ever was. Perhaps not as violent as Alabama of the 1960s but, beneath a very thin veneer of civilisation, we denigrate those who are differentContinue Reading It could even ask for a favourite New Zealand place, with the answer left on paper for future generations to enjoy. It could make the granting of citizenship more special for everyone – not just those that are granted it, but Kiwis that are already here. As for ‘values’?Continue Reading New Zealand has marked the 125th anniversary of a historic move to give women the vote. It was the first country in the world to enact suffrage for women. Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s third female prime minister said the nation’s 19th century fight for economic independence and equal rightsContinue Reading Should we look forward, in this day of information, to more and more tests and predictions of the sort that the New Zealanders have started to explore? Should we start to say, I think that family is at high risk of going on welfare, or getting food stamps, orContinue Reading

#Nordic countries top the democratic rankings of 2017 #democracy — World Economic Forum (@wef) March 4, 2018 Nordic countries have topped the list of this year’s Democracy Index 2017, taking four out of five of the top spots. Norway came out top, closely followed by Iceland and Sweden.Continue Reading When you hear of the horrifying racist abuse that some people can suffer in New Zealand, it’s great to see a government organisation doing something about it. However, even the campaign itself tells us something about the racial structure of our society. In one ad we see quite aContinue Reading Thirty-one former footballers, including England international Paul Stewart, have accused former youth coach Frank Roper of historical sexual abuse, including cases in New Zealand. Several alleged victims have also begun legal proceedings against Blackpool, with whom Roper was closely associated in the 1980s. Stewart, 52, has claimed that Roper,Continue Reading

The health of men in New Zealand has slowly improved. Further health gains for New Zealand men will come through prevention of the major causes of premature death, disease and injury throughout the life course, and addressing ethnic and social inequalities. Life expectancy Life expectancy measures the average age thatContinue Reading