The Keepers starts with an unsolved murder but is really about something bigger. White’s initial contact was Jean Hargadon Wehner, who had attended Archbishop Keough as a teen and had a startling insight into the Cesnik case. In 1969, before the police discovered Sister Cathy’s corpse, she’d been takenContinue Reading

Australian man found not guilty as Tinder death trial comes to an end — CNN (@CNN) October 20, 2016 On August 7th, 2014, the pair met after connecting on the popular dating app Tinder the week before. When they returned to his apartment after a night out, theContinue Reading In Deep Water, assault survivor David McMahon reveals the impact the attack had on him. And he was one of the lucky ones. “He was dragged across the cliffs of Bondi and almost thrown off, but escaped. His attack became really significant because it was only a couple monthsContinue Reading Why are our men killing others and themselves? I have some ideas from my eight years as a volunteer Lifeline telephone counsellor. The famous New Zealand rugby player and All Black, Sir John Kirwan, had a strong association with Lifeline, and I was working the phones when his depression/LifelineContinue Reading Today at the High Court in Christchurch, Winz survivors told how they had since been treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Kim Adams, who felt a “whoosh” past her face from a bullet Tully aimed at her, and colleagues Jane Hayman Walker and Leigh-Ann Hydes, all say theyContinue Reading Mr Waite and Ms Stanton met on a networking website in March. They dated for a while, until Mr Waite went on holiday overseas in June. When he returned, they started seeing each other again from time to time. They had a shared interest in tramping and cycling. InContinue Reading Police have arrested a man following the death of a toddler in South Taranaki at the weekend. Emergency services were called to a Hawera address about 11pm on Friday. Ambulance and police attended but were not able to revive the two-year-old girl. Detective Senior Sergeant Brent Matuku said theContinue Reading’t-accept-findings Ms Stevens said Ms Webb did not make a rape complaint against Mr Livingstone because her priority was to protect her children. However, he admitted the rape to others and police should have interviewed him about it, and could have charged him without Ms Webb having to lay theContinue Reading

When considering the minimum period he must serve behind bars, the judge said “age, immaturity is undoubtedly a matter that I must seriously consider.” He said people that age had the capacity to be rehabilitated. Crown prosecutor Andrew McRae said Kelekolio had shown “very little remorse”. He said his guiltyContinue Reading