Social media as medication

Do you seek reassurances from your virtual friends? Do you use social media for emotional escape?  Why Knowing Our Attachment Style Matters In The Digital Age | Psychology Today 1. Practice mindfulness in interactions. Do you often feel insecure with a romantic partner or feel anger and distrust with your best friend? Do youContinue Reading Much of the research around meditation and mindfulness has serious flaws, the authors state. Among those flaws: using various definitions for mindfulness, not comparing results to a control group of people who did not meditate and not using good measurements for mindfulness. “I’ll admit to have drank the Kool-AidContinue Reading But still, the advice to be more mindful often contains a hefty scoop of moralizing smugness, a kind of “moment-shaming” for the distractible, like a stern teacher scolding us for failing to concentrate in class. The implication is that by neglecting to live in the moment we are ungratefulContinue Reading “It is effectively a brand, a multimillion-pound industry that thrives on ever more people buying books, apps and courses,” says Wikholm. Then there’s the evangelical zeal of mindfulness fans; a well-intentioned desire to spread the word so others can benefit. “But, primarily, there’s a problem with the way thatContinue Reading Soaps and suds coat a dishwasher’s hands while his mind lapses into a state of calmness, according to a new study published in the journal Mindfulness. Researchers from Florida State University studied people as they washed dishes and found there’s a trick to turning it into a stress reliever.Continue Reading