But learning is not only about acquiring new technical expertise, it’s also about listening to ourselves and others, and discovering the things we don’t know about those around us. The most profound learnings entail empathy. When we walk in the shoes of others and try to picture things the wayContinue Reading Qualified nonprofits can receive Office 365 Nonprofit as a donation or upgrade to advanced features at a significant discount. To qualify for an Office 365 Nonprofit plan, you must hold recognized charitable status in your country and sign Microsoft’s non-discrimination policy. Microsoft reserves the right to verify eligibility atContinue Reading

Two former Microsoft employees who were responsible for monitoring child pornography and other criminal material have filed a lawsuit against the company, The Daily Beast reports, alleging that they were not provided with psychological support to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The employees, Henry Soto and Greg Blauert, were partContinue Reading