By 1984, Krauthammer was granted board certification in psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. In a time when mental illness had yet to achieve public-health recognition and was still viewed through heavy handed stereotypes that categorized bipolar disease as mania (a term rarely, if at all, used now),Continue Reading Individuals living with mental illness are less likely to be violent than someone without a mental illness. Sadly, they also are more likely to be victims of violence. Regardless, there is no evidence that the US is a run-away hotbed of mental illness. Indeed, according to Kessler et al.Continue Reading

Do People With Mental Illness Really Die 25 Years Younger? @gabehoward29 investigates. . . — PsychCentral (@PsychCentral) April 9, 2017 t’s unreasonable to believe that everyone with mental illness will die 25 years younger – just as it’s unreasonable to believe that everyone in America is missing part of aContinue Reading So what does it feel like to be included? It’s a rich, rewarding connection. Inclusion feels like the kind of acceptance that I dream about, where I can just be the best version of me and have that be all right. The hard part is remembering that I’m included.Continue Reading