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Across all mental disorders, the average age of onset was 14.5 years. At What Age Does Mental Illness Start? | Psychology Today Knowing at what age mental illness typically starts is highly important information for psychologists. When it is known when a disorder typically starts, early prevention measures and earlyContinue Reading

Given choice in match of peer worker Focus is on achievement of personal goals Social inclusion/community integration, employment, education, training are considered Support given to strengthen or reconnect with key relationships Increasing empowerment and self-advocacy Can feedback on satisfaction with the service Increased motivation [pdf-embedder url=””]Continue Reading After collecting 13,017 total observations over 5,270 study days, the study’s authors found that adolescents’ technology usage did not predict later mental health problems. Their mental health was also no different on the days they used more screen time than on the days they used less. Even the kidsContinue Reading This myth is a close relative of the “old dog” one. Again the amount of evidence available on the benefits in older age of regular exercise, healthy eating, keeping your brain active, and staying connected to other people is almost overwhelming. Despite this, many older adults think it’s tooContinue Reading About 600 clinical psychologists are refusing to work overtime for six weeks as they negotiate with the country’s 17 district health boards for increased pay. Auckland District Health Board said one of its after-hours talking therapy groups for children and adolescents cannot run. Director of provider services Joanne GibbsContinue Reading