By Enrico Sacchetti/ESO –, CC BY 4.0, General[edit] Male sexual objectification involves a man being viewed primarily as an object of sexual desire, rather than as a whole person. Feminist authors Christina Hoff Sommers and Naomi Wolf write that women’s sexual liberation led women to a role reversal, whereby they viewed men as sex objects,[19][20][21] inContinue Reading

Men may claim that it's just burnout or stress, but there should be no shame in dealing with depression. — The Good Men Project (@GoodMenProject) August 1, 2018 As a woman, I feel comfortable telling people that I live with bipolar disorder and I often experience clinical depression. However,Continue Reading

The rape of men: the darkest secret of war via @guardian — MaleSurvivor (@MaleSurvivorORG) January 29, 2018 “That was hard for me to take,” Owiny tells me today. “There are certain things you just don’t believe can happen to a man, you get me? But I know now thatContinue Reading Researchers sent 573 participants an online survey asking them to rate themselves on a 13-point narcissistic personality scale. They were also asked about their relationships with other people, as well as their use of Facebook, like if they used the social network to be mean to people or toContinue Reading A picture of fourth grade teacher Patrice Brown went viral on Twitter and Instagram Sunday, accompanied by the hashtag #TeacherBae. In the picture, above, Brown is wearing a form-fitting pink, knee length dress. Initial responses to the photo all hinged on how attractive Brown looks, but backlash came quickly, withContinue Reading The women scattered across the U.S. and Canada who call themselves Honey Badgers have no true affiliation with the ferocious carnivorous mammals, nor with the viral nature mockumentary meme. They are, in fact, a group of concerned individuals who have banded together to stand up to a society thatContinue Reading

You are not alone. 1 in 4 males are/will be survivors of sexual abuse. It was not your fault. #Healing is possible. — MaleSurvivor (@MaleSurvivorORG) March 9, 2017 In the United States, an estimated 19.3% of women and 1.7% of men have been raped during their lifetimes; anContinue Reading