These findings suggest that spiritual Buddhist practices like yoga and meditation may not do what proponents typically say they do, according to the study authors. “Ego-quieting is a central element of yoga philosophy and Buddhism alike. That element, and its presumed implications, require serious rethinking,” they write. “Moreover, ego-quietingContinue Reading I believe in forgiving everything. And everyone. Because there is no reason not to forgive. That’s not to say that you should keep toxic people in your daily life, but you can only gain by forgiving them in your heart. My life mentor is Eva Kor. She and herContinue Reading It made people feel moderately more compassionate or empathetic, compared to if they had done no other new emotionally-engaging activity. However, a further analysis revealed that meditation didn’t reduce aggression or prejudice or improving how socially-connected someone was. The most unexpected result of this study, though, was that theContinue Reading “We did not find that meditation had any negative effects, however the good impacts can be compared to a placebo effect. “A person may have the expectation of becoming a better person through meditating, and may believe that to be the case – but in fact this has notContinue Reading “It is effectively a brand, a multimillion-pound industry that thrives on ever more people buying books, apps and courses,” says Wikholm. Then there’s the evangelical zeal of mindfulness fans; a well-intentioned desire to spread the word so others can benefit. “But, primarily, there’s a problem with the way thatContinue Reading Headspace, a guided meditation and mindfulness startup, recently raised $30 million from The Chernin Group, Advancit Capital, Allen & Company, Breyer Capital, The Honest Company Co-Founder Jessica Alba, actor Jared Leto, TV personality Ryan Seacrest, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and others. The plan is to hire more engineers andContinue Reading