In cases of chronic diseases, long-term adherence to medication can be vital for successful treatment. This is why many clinics have turned to physician dispensing services, to eliminate the need for patients to travel further after visiting their doctors to collect their medication. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO)Continue Reading A number of recent studies highlight the uncertainty involved with these treatment decisions. Researchers have dedicated considerable effort to studying the relative effectiveness between psychotherapies and antidepressants, frequently without finding much difference. For instance, a study published in 2012 reviewed data from more than 100 prior trials and includedContinue Reading Autopsy results showing Prince died of an opioid overdose should be a wake-up about the dangers of prescription pain meds and drive patients – and the doctors who treat them – to seek out safer, non-drug alternatives that are often better options, health experts say. Recent research has shownContinue Reading