Marriage is practised in every society yet is in steep decline globally. Is this it for longterm intimate relationships? — Aeon (@aeonmag) April 7, 2020 Is something similar going on worldwide? Is marriage collapsing because empowered women have less need for pair-bonds? At first blush, the answer seems toContinue Reading

Marriage is one of the great milestones of a fulfilling life. However, just as it can all come together in one glorious moment it can fall apart catastrophically. Couples seeking counseling, mediation, divorce, and other services are on the rise. And family law experts like jennifer croker are constantly beingContinue Reading

Heartwarming moment New Zealand officer asks boyfriend to marry him during police graduation — Newshub (@NewshubNZ) June 28, 2018 Police Commissioner Mike Bush has previously said that as an organisation, they look to encourage staff to “use who they are”, not “lose who they are” when becoming aContinue Reading Unlike most Western countries, 23 of the U.S. states do not have a legal minimum age of marriage. While in most U.S. states, individuals age 18 have the ability to marry (with two exceptions—Nebraska (19) and Mississippi (21)), all states allow minors to marry in certain circumstances, such asContinue Reading Australia’s race discrimination commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane, says the high no vote in western Sydney in last week’s historic same-sex marriage postal survey reflects religious observance rather than ethnicity, and he has warned against an outbreak of crass, cultural stereotyping. Soutphommasane used a speech at the University of Western SydneyContinue Reading THere is even a term within forensic psychology referred to as ‘hybristophilia,’ variously defined as being attracted to or even being erotically stimulated by dangerous individuals. Some specialists believe this is a kind of disturbed attraction in much the same way people can become fixated on other fetishes, oftenContinue Reading

Our marriage amendment bill was drafted to reflect fundamental human rights principles. We believe in freedom of religion, the equality of citizenship and that the state fundamentally cannot discriminate against any of its citizens. In New Zealand the state’s role in marriage is to issue a marriage licence and toContinue Reading

The Telegraph: Scottish church faces ‘consequences’ over vote to allow same-sex marriage. The compromise narrowly avoided a full schism in the global Anglican group, which has been divided over the issue of sexuality since the American church ordained an openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, inContinue Reading A group of pro-equality Christians have attacked a new anti same-sex marriage advertisement as irresponsible, while distancing themselves from the Australian Christian Lobby and Lyle Shelton, who they say “doesn’t speak for most Christians”. The Australian Christians for Marriage Equality launched its same-sex marriage campaign on Wednesday, bringing togetherContinue Reading An amendment to the Civil Code was approved by a legislative committee Monday in a major step toward the legalization of same-sex marriage, as thousands-strong dueling demonstrators took place outside the Legislative Yuan. After three hours, the Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee approved the amendment proposed byContinue Reading