Bring solutions, not problems While employees may often have a narrow job function, a hallmark of management is multi-tasking: many things to do and not enough hours to do them. Frequently beleaguered by vexing problems. In such an environment, the last thing managers want are more problems. Of course, problems invariably occur inContinue Reading

3 diet basics that should be a part of your pain management regimen: — Cleveland Clinic (@ClevelandClinic) June 13, 2017 These are three diet basics we should encourage all of our patients to consider: Eat the rainbow Consume eight to nine servings of vegetables each day. A coupleContinue Reading

Civil Defence stung by minister’s criticism. — RNZ (@radionz) February 16, 2017 Hearing the Civil Defence Minister criticise the response to the Port Hills fire “does nothing for the engagement of volunteers”, Canterbury’s civil defence controller says. The minister, Gerry Brownlee, has criticised how long it took forContinue Reading