Better Blokes Wordpress - Wooden Mask Loneliness is a dark place. It’s like sitting in a room at night by yourself and feeling like this is eternity. It’s like being in a place with a thousand people but feeling invisible to every one of them. It’s like walking on a path without any directions, withoutContinue Reading

Loneliness triggers cellular changes that can cause illness, study shows — (@PsyPost) November 24, 2015 Previous research from this group had identified a link between loneliness and a phenomenon they called “conserved transcriptional response to adversity” or CTRA. This response is characterized by an increased expression ofContinue Reading

Click to access HENPOWERfinalreport.pdf Human – animal interaction can be observed in many situations, from the human being an interested observer of animals in their native habitat to pets co-habiting the same residence of their owner. When the interaction has specific goals and function it can be defined as AAT,Continue Reading