It’s been said that old dogs rarely have difficulty in learning new tricks, they just have to convince themselves that it’s worth the effort! There is overwhelming evidence of the benefits of new learning throughout life, and particularly into older age. These can range from delaying the onset andContinue Reading

Peer learning involves a new role for the students who facilitate the learning of other students. The role of the peer facilitator, which is focused on learning through supporting the learning of other students, would appear to be more social than the traditional role of learner, which is focused onContinue Reading If you were stuck remembering everything about everything, like some kind of King Midas of the mind, it would be harder to adapt to our unrelentingly changing world. Persistence of memory “is only useful when it maintains those aspects of experience that are either relatively stable and/or predictive ofContinue Reading The study, published in The Journal of Research on Adolescence, found that subjects who played with other adolescents watching them took more risks early on than the solo group by playing cards more often than passing. But the peer-observed group was also faster to learn which decks were luckyContinue Reading