Ken talks about preventing the sexual abuse of boys — how we address institutions in which much sexual abuse of boys takes place; and how we ensure child sexual abuse prevention campaigns do not unintentionally leave boys out. His presentation draws on his own work experiences and focus group conversationsContinue Reading It will be the third time the conference is held. Ongwech was “instrumental” in organising the inaugural event in Uganda in 2013. INZ area manager Marcelle Foley said INZ declined Ongwech’s application because it was not satisfied he was a “bona fide applicant who would comply with his visaContinue Reading Clearwater told the audience how being abused fuelled his rage as a young man. As a teenager Clearwater was expelled from his school in Christchurch after beating up a teacher and school prefect. He was later arrested for assaulting a police officer. He lost his job at a meatContinue Reading