Storm waves - sadness

Eight strategies for coping with loneliness 1. Start each day with a 5-minute gratitude practice. Take the time to cultivate a gratitude practice, which is an appreciation of something meaningful to you. 2. Livestream fitness classes.  Exercise has tremendous benefits on physical and psychological health by reducing stress and uplifting mood.  Participating in zoom classes connects you toContinue Reading Here are the psychological profiles of people who are shy, avoidant, and unsocial: Shy people: Are anxious about anxiety. They are afraid of being afraid. Are more likely to engage in physical aggression than people who are not shy. Are more likely to engage in relationship aggression than peopleContinue Reading Isolation is the most significant issue in the lives of rural women, and traditional rural women’s groups are unable to fill that void. That was the finding of a student research project from the Lincoln University-run Kellogg’s Rural Leadership Programme by NZ Young Farmers communication manager Nadine Porter. Fifty-sevenContinue Reading Isolating when depression hits is a tool that many of us use for all sorts of different reasons. I isolate not only because when I’m depressed I sometimes find it exhausting to be around others, but also because I don’t want my dark cloud looming over everyone else. Unfortunately,Continue Reading