IPS is seen as having four “tasks”: Connection, Worldview, Mutuality, Moving Towards and three principles: Moving from: Helping to Learning, Individual to Relationship, Fear to Hope These approaches involve: Looking at the power of language to define experience Understanding trauma worldview and re-enactment Rethinking old roles and ways ofContinue Reading EM: Can you tell us a little bit about Intentional Peer Support, its philosophy and intentions? SM: IPS is a system for relational co-development. Philosophically it comes out of a social constructionist, systemic paradigm. We believe meaning is made in a context and can only be challenged in trustingContinue Reading Intentional Peer Support (IPS) evolved out of the consumer activist movement in the States. The person most responsible for bringing Intentional Peer Support to the world is Shery Mead. Shery evolved the kaupapa of IPS through observing the limitations of Medical Model treatment of mental distress where the wholeContinue Reading