For the introvert, Christmas is definitely not the most wonderful time of the year; withdrawn and reflective sorts often fear the festive season, with the office party ranking most stressful of all. “Many people think that introverts are shy, but introversion is really not related to shyness at all,”Continue Reading

Psychology Today: Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Introvert. Thoughtful, curious, insightful. The introvert communicates well in today’s digital world because they actually read what others write. They think before responding. Their answers can be succinct, insightful, and helpful. They tend to keep up on news and trends becauseContinue Reading

Entrepreneur: How to Find an Introvert-Friendly Work Culture. 2. Search for a forward-thinking leader. Does the organization you’re interested in have a leader who plans for the days and weeks ahead, or one who flies by the seat of his or her pants? When it comes to working with higher-ups, introverts respondContinue Reading

Introversion as an Excuse — Art of Manliness (@artofmanliness) June 18, 2018 Myth #1: Introverts don’t enjoy social events. Truth: While introverts prefer spending time alone and are more easily overwhelmed by stimulation than extroverts, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy going to social events at all, justContinue Reading

These illustrations are all too real for introverts — HuffPostWomen (@HuffPostWomen) November 23, 2015 “These began by accident. I was feeling disappointed with myself for turning down invitations and not being the ‘fun’ person I felt I should be,” Wilson told The Huffington Post. “My first ‘Introvert Doodle’Continue Reading Write your thoughts in advance. Get the agenda and think about the points that will be covered before the meeting. Write down your thoughts to help you remember them and to help you relax when the meeting begins. Experiment with speaking before you have the perfect words. It willContinue Reading

Take a look at @HealthyLiving’s Tweet: 1. Learn your energy limits. The best way to learn about your energy limits is to track it. Create a spreadsheet. In separate columns note the current time, the activity you just completed, and your mental energy level (on a scale ofContinue Reading