A court in India has ruled that groping a child through their clothing does not constitute sexual assault, drawing outrage across the country and frustrating campaigners battling to address widespread sexual abuse against women and children. In a judgment last week, Bombay High Court judge Pushpa Ganediwala found that aContinue Reading For the seven-year-old, it all began at a wedding. Relatives and family friends were streaming into the house for a week and no one had a moment to spare. It was then that he started developing intimacy with an older cousin, who was 16. Now an adult, he remembersContinue Reading

The washroom has three urinal blocks — The Indian Express (@IndianExpress) August 12, 2017 The ‘upper class’ waiting room at Pune railway station, for passengers of air-conditioned compartments, has quite a few facilities. It has comfortable seats, a television to entertain the passengers and another to inform them about theContinue Reading AMMU: Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Friday said that women were the victim of sexual harassment as whenever they board a public transport, men of all age try to touch them inappropriately. “A woman is not safe, when she boards a matador or a bus, menContinue Reading