The term psychosomatic disorder is used to refer to a condition in which a physical disease is thought to be caused or made worse by mental stress or related factors. Since this disorder correlates the mind and body, its treatment also involves remedial measures from both medical and psychologicalContinue Reading

HuffPost: Shannon Purser Nails One Of The Worst Parts About Mental Illness. “When I’m mentally unwell, it just becomes so exhausting to do much of anything,” she wrote. “Especially talking to people about what I’m feeling.” Purser’s tweet succinctly sums a truth that likely sounds familiar to peopleContinue Reading His contemporary and nemesis, Winston Churchill, famously borrowed Samuel Johnson’s expression to describe his own depression as ‘the black dog’. Churchill could be so overwhelmed by depression he would spend days, even weeks, in bed, fatigued and disinterested, unable to concentrate. These dark periods happened multiple times over manyContinue Reading

Loneliness triggers cellular changes that can cause illness, study shows — (@PsyPost) November 24, 2015 Previous research from this group had identified a link between loneliness and a phenomenon they called “conserved transcriptional response to adversity” or CTRA. This response is characterized by an increased expression ofContinue Reading The idea that childhood trauma might have a connection with adult health problems came to Felitti almost by accident, according to a recent interview. He was running through a series of questions when he accidentally asked a client in the weight-loss program, “How much did you weigh when youContinue Reading