There's another twist in the Bert and Ernie controversy. — PinkNews (@PinkNews) September 22, 2018 But Saltzman—who is himself gay—now says he was taken out of context. Speaking to The New York Times, he said: “As a writer, you just bring what you know into your work. “Somehow, inContinue Reading

By Christian Michelides – File:VfGH – Verhandlung Wahlanfechtung.jpg, File:VfGH – Verhandlung Wahlanfechtung 2.jpg, CC BY-SA 4.0, Austria’s Constitutional Court says it will consider whether a third gender should be an option for official records, taking up the case of a person who unsuccessfully sought to have their entryContinue Reading

Our marriage amendment bill was drafted to reflect fundamental human rights principles. We believe in freedom of religion, the equality of citizenship and that the state fundamentally cannot discriminate against any of its citizens. In New Zealand the state’s role in marriage is to issue a marriage licence and toContinue Reading The rise of urban terrorism is not a departure from recent European history but a return to the norm. The exceptional period was the late 1990s, when there was relative peace in our cities. But before then, various political groups regarded the slaughter of innocent civilians as a legitimateContinue Reading Lack of self-compassion The antidote to hate is compassion—for others as well as ourselves. Self-compassion means that we accept the whole self. “If we find part of ourselves unacceptable, we tend to attack others in order to defend against the threat” says Reedy. “If we are okay with ourselves,Continue Reading