The issue is not whether the child's nappy is being changed or whether it is being fed. The trauma occurs when the child is separated from its primary caregiver. There is a wealth of evidence to show what that trauma does to children. — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) June 19,Continue Reading

"We suggest Winston Peters focuses on what journalists write, not their ethnicity or race," Dame Susan Devoy, Race Relations Commissioner — NZ Human Rights (@NZHumanRights) April 26, 2017 Lincoln Tan and Harkanwal Singh, two reporters for the New Zealand Herald, wrote an article in which they used immigration dataContinue Reading The rise of populist leaders such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin poses a “dangerous threat” to human rights that could encourage global abuses around the world, Human Rights Watch has warned in its annual report. Accusing the US president-elect of a campaign for office that fomented hatred andContinue Reading Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy believes Kiwi kids who are Maori were more likely to be taken from their families and placed in state homes. The Human Rights Commissioner and other prominent New Zealanders have called on Prime Minister Bill English to agree to an inquiry into theContinue Reading

We welcome the Governments new migrant worker recruitment stand-down periods for employers who breach employment law – NZ Human Rights (@NZHumanRights) February 22, 2017 The Humans Rights Commission has today welcomed the Government’s introduction of migrant worker recruitment stand-down periods for employers who breach immigration and employment law.Continue Reading

Did This Medieval African Empire Invent Human Rights? — Big Think (@bigthink) January 22, 2017 The spoken document which has also been called a “Constitution” contains a preamble and seven chapters. You can read them for yourself here. It speaks on social peace, the sanctity of human life,Continue Reading