Gay-identifying and same-sex attracted men face the doubly silencing effects of stigma surroundingchild sexual abuse and homophobia (Lew, 2004). Improving policy and practice responses for men sexually abused in childhood ( Homophobia (personal and public) acts as a major inhibitor of men disclosing child sexual abuseand seeking any form ofContinue Reading A conventional way of answering might be that homophobia has been especially virulent in Australia because of the distinctive patterns of the nation’s masculinity. This explanation would point to the legacy of frontier masculinity: aggressively heterosexual, contemptuous of effeminacy in men (associated with ”pommies” and ”poofters”), hostile to lesbianismContinue Reading You are not being persecuted by liberal, pro-gay bullies; you are being admonished by fellow human beings who have heard enough from well-meaning pastors and cruel extremists. Quite frankly, it’s difficult to tell the two apart. Your words inflame haters and dehumanize strugglers. Your words over simplify complex humanContinue Reading But in Russia’s consensual autocracy, the government is careful to only advance initiatives which it is sure will meet with popular approval. Nor is Russian society in the grip of especially conservative sexual mores — premarital sex, adultery and prostitution are as much a fact of daily life asContinue Reading