An anti-sexual harassment campaign has launched in parts of the Beijing subway system amid repeated reports of assault against women on the city’s public transport system. Sponsored by the state-run Beijing Women’s Federation, the posters call in bright red text for people to “not act as the silent lamb”Continue Reading Colbert explained that Conyers, in 2015, reportedly reached a settlement with a woman who would “not succumb to his sexual advances”. Advertisement Colbert quipped: “Quick tip, fellas. If your sexual advances require that a woman succumb, don’t do it.” Seth Meyers discussed Trump’s defense of Roy Moore, the AlabamaContinue Reading Police descriptions of the perpetrators as of “Arab or North African origin” were seized on by those calling for an end to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy toward people fleeing violence and persecution ” even as authorities warned they don’t know if any of the culprits are refugees. AddingContinue Reading

A senior Australian surgeon has been criticised for her “appalling” suggestion that surgical trainees should stay silent if they’re sexually assaulted by a colleague because coming forward could ruin their careers. Dr Gabrielle McMullin, a Sydney vascular surgeon, says sexism is so rife among surgeons in Australia that young womanContinue Reading