Grief is a complicated and personal thing that everyone experiences differently. That’s why, if someone else is the one grieving, it can be hard to know what to say to them. During such a painful and sensitive time, no one wants to say the wrong thing and make matters worse,Continue Reading Bereavement can have a devastating impact on the immune systems of older people and may explain why many elderly spouses die soon after the loss of their loved ones, scientists have said. A study has found that a key component of the immune defences that protect the body againstContinue Reading Grief is funny, you know? You desperately want it to go away, except for sometimes when you don’t want it to go away. Over the course of time, it seems, love has gotten all mixed up with pain and grief.  You realize your pain has become the expression of love lost; the wayContinue Reading New Zealand judge Lowell Goddard will be navigating an ocean of trauma of another kind for the next few years, heading an ambitious Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in Britain. Possibly one in 20 children in Britain have been abused, she says, and police there are preparing forContinue Reading