Google is developing a browser feature which could inadvertently make it “easier, not harder, for child abuse to take place online”, a public inquiry has heard. A prospective version of the tech giant’s new Chrome browser will contain end-to-end encryption, William Chapman, a lawyer representing three victims of online sexualContinue Reading Leaked Google documents suggest the tech giant wants increased censorship of the internet and believes other internet firms should police debate online. The 85-page paper, leaked by a Google employee, claims that cyber harassment, racism and people venting their frustrations are ‘eroding’ free speech online. It says that theContinue Reading Google collects schoolchildren’s personal data, including internet searches, a civil liberties group says. In a complaint to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) said the alleged practice broke both Google promises and trade rules. It said Google products used in schools sent data toContinue Reading Google asked NZTA to check the times on other journeys, “because we do a lot of driving” and most of the other algorithms it used in New Zealand were “fairly close”, Harland said. “This particular route came up because it has so many difficult bits.” A NZTA spokeswoman confirmedContinue Reading