There is no one gene that determines a person’s sexual orientation, but genetics – along with environment – play a part in shaping sexuality, a massive new study shows. Researchers analysed DNA from hundreds of thousands of people and found that there are a handful of genes clearly connectedContinue Reading

Racists ate it up and asked for second helpings. After all, here was hard scientific evidence that seemed to corroborate what they had always claimed: that some races were intellectually inferior to others. Their failure to prosper economically was rooted not in history, but in nature. “There will be plentyContinue Reading A chemical change in a particular gene appears to influence brain development in such a way as to lessen the ability to deal with strong emotions or cope with stressful experiences. The new research is the first to show that the SKA2 gene plays a role in the developmentContinue Reading

But while an increase in obesity rates in recent years has been put down to lifestyle factors such as poor diet and a lack of exercise, the genetic predisposition to obesity, particularly among Maori and Pacific Island populations, has been less understood. Now, a landmark study will use the latestContinue Reading