ANALYSIS: The announcement that $131 million will be spent on helping sexual violence survivors has stunned the sector, but some are happier than others and the difference – good and not so good – is in the fine print.The pre-Budget package announced by PM Jacinda Ardern and Parliamentary Under-Secretary for DomesticContinue Reading

Changes to the court system, better support services for victims and an ad campaign aimed at stopping violence form part of a $320 million programme to reduce family and sexual offending.The Government’s Wellbeing Budget 2019 package will see funding allocated to allow victims to give video statements in court to reduce trauma,Continue Reading Thursday, 17 May 2018, 2:17 pm Press Release: New Zealand Government Hon Iain Lees-Galloway Minister for ACC Jan Logie Parliamentary Under-Secretary to the Minister of Justice on Domestic and Sexual Violence Issues 17 May 2018 Stepping up to help survivors of sexual abuse Survivors of sexual abuse will receiveContinue Reading Dame Lesley says it can’t always be ascribed to poverty, so we need to dig deeper. It was only a couple of weeks ago we also had big news in the papers about the worrying statistics around child abuse: one in four children under 17 years old in thisContinue Reading “The prime minister was premature in suggesting e-therapy works as well as face-to-face in the leaders’ debate. The evidence is minimal and contradictory and so far confined to treating depression with one modality only (CBT)” says Sean Manning, Dunedin psychotherapist. “It is foolhardy in the extreme to suggest thatContinue Reading Unfortunately charities can’t rely on the public to dig into their pockets and provide the financial security they need. When I was a trustee at Survivors UK, we struggled to get members of the public to engage with us. We didn’t attract funding from corporations. People don’t like toContinue Reading Government has prioritised MSD funding to three areas: vulnerable children, young people, and adult survivors. Almost all MSD funding will now be focussed on these three areas, with some remaining provision for disability and Christchurch. The Minister has said the funding quantum will remain the same – just beContinue Reading

Pat Shepherd of @OnePercentNZ on encouraging many people to give a small amount to effect big change. — RNZ – Nine To Noon (@ninetonoon) September 21, 2014 One Percent Collective exists to inspire generosity and to simplify regular giving, so small charities can spend more time working on impact andContinue Reading