Q: Did France pass “a law saying having sex with a child is okay”? A: No. The country already didn’t have a legal consent age. The new law makes it easier to file rape charges against adults who have sex with those 15 or younger. FULL QUESTION Saw aContinue Reading

Each year 1.3bn tonnes of food is wasted worldwide. Read more: — World Economic Forum (@wef) May 14, 2018 France has been very progressive in terms of eliminating product waste. Two years ago, they were the first country to pass a law that prevented grocery stores and supermarketsContinue Reading A trial in France is reignited a debate over the fact that the country does not have a legal age of consent. On February 13, a 29-year-old French man went on trial in the suburb of Pontoise for sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl. The Associated Press reports that defenseContinue Reading Bans on the women’s full-body swimsuits have also been lifted in Villeneuve-Loubet, Cannes, Frejus and Roquebrune. French Riviera mayors imposed the bans, but they were overruled on Friday by France’s top administrative court. Critics see burkinis as a symbol of Islam and potentially provocative after the July terror atrocityContinue Reading