Are female perpetrators in similar circumstances to their victims, or are they are willing agents in this particular type of criminal activity? The answers to these questions are far from clear, but we know from other contexts just how insidious and effective psychological coercion and control can be. Research by the prison reform trust foundContinue Reading The distraught mothers of three young children raped by their aunt have recounted how their families’ lives were shattered by the horrific sexual abuse. The young boys, aged between nine and 14, were abused by their 45-year-old relative over a period of three years in a small town inContinue Reading A court report stated Chamier was “ignorant” and she didn’t understand the effect of her offending or why the law prohibited children under 16 from having sex with adults. Judge Gerard Lynch said the law was there to protect children from themselves as they weren’t experienced enough to makeContinue Reading

Female sex offenders: dirty little secret Shared from Google News & Weather A woman who let her elderly neighbour sexually assault her daughter for money and cigarettes has been ordered to undergo supervised care and rehabilitation. The mother, who cannot be named to prevent identification of her daughter, appearedContinue Reading

Two high school teachers in Louisiana were arrested on Oct. 1 after they videotaped themselves having a threesome with a 16-year-old student. Although the boy claimed the act was consensual, he was under the age of consent in Louisiana. Accordingly, the case was deemed a sexual assault and both teachersContinue Reading Believing without blaming. It’s crucial to recognize that many of the things commonly said to male sexual assault survivors are things that we should probably never say. Charlie, 66, from Boston, said victim blaming, accidental or otherwise, commonly crops up for male survivors. “Were you drunk? Were you onContinue Reading