The duck’s human introduced him to their fellow, now-amused passengers: This was Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt, or Daniel for short. He is a 4 1/2-year-old Indian Runner duck and is her emotional support animal, she explained. “I heard a few maybe semi-critical mutterings, like, ‘Now I’ve seen everything,’ ” EssigContinue Reading Furthermore, online groomers do not always masquerade as children or adolescents in cyberspace. In fact, none of the conversations included in our database involved a sexual predator pretending to be a youngster. Some online groomers misrepresented their true age by taking around four or five years from their realContinue Reading When a man gropes you on a subway. If a stranger tells you to smile as you walk down the street. When someone calls you a bitch because you turned them down at a bar. The decision of whether to speak up or push back is made in aContinue Reading A large part of the problem is that it’s easy to act brave behind the shield of a keyboard and computer screen. On Facebook, comments are not even anonymous; your name and profile picture precede your comments. Yet some people still feel protected enough to be aggressive. Despite theContinue Reading In response to Donald Trump’s brags about sexually assaulting women, thousands have followed the lead of author Kelly Oxford in sharing the stories of their own experiences as victims of assault. The hashtag (#notokay) got responses at a rate of 50 tweets per minute from others who shared theirContinue Reading

Former Hollywood actress Tippi Hedren has revealed in intimate detail the appalling sexual menace inflicted on her by Alfred Hitchcock during the years he held her captive by an ironbound contract. The legendary director’s sadistic obsession with the regal blonde was as twisted and sinister as the plot of anyContinue Reading