A single family narrative is essential to the foundation of keeping unhealthy family legacies alive. Their survival depends on portraying the same, cohesive, story to prevent exposure, repercussions, and responsibility. Healthy family systems can deal with contrasting opinions, hurt feelings, and disagreements. Family systems riddled with dysfunction and abuse cannot.Continue Reading

35 real photos that highlight the "sham" of perfect parenting: https://t.co/N20JlGo2dq pic.twitter.com/X7hwbwri2K — HuffPost Parents (@HuffPostParents) July 30, 2017 A group of artists and moms are exposing the messy reality of parenting for all to see. Erika Roa, Lacey Monroe and Natasha Kelly are the founders of “Sham of theContinue Reading

Family First NZ is concerned that the government may be turning a ‘blind eye’ to polygamous marriages in New Zealand when assessing entitlements to welfare support. The issue has come to light with a recent serious domestic violence case where the offender is legally married to the victim, with whomContinue Reading