Men who are violent towards women tend to hate themselves. They hate that they feel vulnerable, and most of all, they hate feeling ashamed. Men’s feelings of vulnerability and shame, in conjunction with feelings of strength and protection, when not adequately integrated (i.e. the idea that one can be both vulnerable and strongContinue Reading “If you act in a violent and controlling way, you can change this behaviour. Own the problem. Nothing will get better until you do. Ask for help. There is no shame in that.” Today’s overhaul of the law has thrilled non-government organisations that are working to cut family violenceContinue Reading A piloted programme giving judges more information about a defendant’s history of family violence at bail hearings is set to be extended. The programme has been tested in Porirua and Christchurch since last September. Though that test had not yet been fully evaluated, the judiciary, Ministry of Justice andContinue Reading