The Swiss studies would suggest that people high in narcissism are more likely to fail, but that failure doesn’t seem to penetrate to the core of their sense of self. Taking the approach that narcissism is a stable trait, the Orth and Luciano more or less ruled out theContinue Reading

Experts agree: the war on drugs has been a disaster. Is it time for legalization? – World Economic Forum (@wef) January 8, 2017 As unpalatable as the idea might be to some, for most experts on the issue, there really is no alternative. “Virtually everyone now agrees thatContinue Reading He said that even though many indigenous communities around the world had a long history of using different kinds of psychoactive substances without abuse, poor people and people of colour tended to be over-represented in terms of the punitive nature of the drug war. “In the United States, africanContinue Reading