This bill amends the Evidence Act 2006, Victims’ Rights Act 2002, and Criminal Procedure Act 2011 to reduce the retraumatisation victims of sexual violence may experience when they attend court and give evidence. Sexual Violence Legislation Bill – New Zealand Parliament ( Alternative ways of giving evidence in sexual violenceContinue Reading There’s a great deal of research ‘out there’ on peer-to-peer support. Unfortunately, some of it is less than ideal because it starts with a hypothesis that doesn’t represent full understanding of what peer-to-peer support is intended to be. It’s also worth noting that those that are able to doContinue Reading

Lord Carloway interviewed by @rapecrisisscot. Of interest to students of contemporary debates in criminal procedure — GCU Law (@GCULaw) February 29, 2016 And that’s the exact opposite of what a jury is expecting so I think there’s issues with perception of demeanour just now anyway under the current circumstances.Continue Reading