“What captivated me with Lecretia’s case,” said Louisa Wall, “is she knew exactly what she was asking for.” Others, such as general practitioner John Pollock, in their dying days, used their situation to prompt debate. “From the patient’s point of view, from those I’ve seen dying, it’s the nausea,”Continue Reading They said yesterday that the checkpoint was set up earlier this month specifically to identify people leaving an Exit International pro-euthanasia meeting in Lower Hutt. The police have since referred themselves to their own watchdog, the Independent Police Conduct Authority. The authority has received three other complaints – includingContinue Reading

Euthanasia debate reignited by 20yo sexual abuse victim A sexual abuse victim in her 20s was allowed to go ahead with assisted suicide as she was suffering from “incurable” post-traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD), according to the Dutch Euthanasia Commission. The law in the Netherlands states that doctors may perform euthanasiaContinue Reading