Can Psychotherapy Reverse Post-Traumatic Epigenetic Changes? | Psychology Today — Better Blokes (@BetterBlokesNZ) April 8, 2020 Epigenetic changes are thought to play an important role in PTSD, both whether or not it develops—as epigenetic stress-related responses affect resilience—and as a factor in treatment and recovery. Epigenetic processes could be therapeuticContinue Reading

But unlike most inherited conditions, this was not caused by mutations to the genetic code itself. Instead, the researchers were investigating a much more obscure type of inheritance: how events in someone’s lifetime can change the way their DNA is expressed, and how that change can be passed on toContinue Reading

For those who survived, the harrowing experiences marked many of them for life. They returned to society with impaired health, worse job prospects and shorter life expectancy. But the impact of these hardships did not stop with those who experienced it. It also had an effect on the prisoners’ children and grandchildren,Continue Reading