Thoughtful piece on #Portugal's ??drug policy by @mdnharris : all drugs were decriminalised in 2001; major harm reduction measures are in place. Well worthy of study by all countries interested in evidence-informed drug policy. @globalcdp @AndrewLittleMP — Helen Clark (@HelenClarkNZ) August 19, 2018Continue Reading

Do drugs make people more creative? – (@PsyPost) January 7, 2018 The review of past research found a general association between creativity and substance use. But it failed to turn up any substantial evidence that drug use directly increased creativity. “The results that we have suggest no directContinue Reading

Experts agree: the war on drugs has been a disaster. Is it time for legalization? – World Economic Forum (@wef) January 8, 2017 As unpalatable as the idea might be to some, for most experts on the issue, there really is no alternative. “Virtually everyone now agrees thatContinue Reading More recently, Middle Eastern conflicts have seen an increase in the rise of Captagon, an amphetamine that is allegedly fuelling Syria’s civil war. Last November, 11 million pills were seized by Turkish officials at the Syrian-Turkish border, while this April 1.5 million were seized in Kuwait. In a BBCContinue Reading A man is in a critical condition in Christchurch Hospital after taking the potent psychedelic drug “N-bomb”. The man, aged in his 20s, was admitted on Wednesday and was still “critical” in the intensive care unit on Saturday. Police said there was a “real concern” about the illegal drug,Continue Reading